About this blog

Why yet another consulting blog?

Here we share insights from our focus areas at P13i Consulting, i.e. business strategy, product and requirements management, project management and general business optimization.

The purpose is to give our readers – who may visit our homepage while searching for consulting or interim management services – an idea how we at P13i Consulting approach business challenges.

And we will also share ideas and concepts that we come across that have inspired us. As experienced professionals we keep benefiting from yet another look at seemingly well known concepts and or from entirely new approaches and ideas. So we’ll point out great business books and videos, facts and statistics as well as whitepapers and studies. This happens during background work, research, training sessions and discussions with peers. However, results from client work will remain confidential.

Publication will be in a loose sequence – target is 3 or 4 times per month.

Please feel free to comment or give us feedback.