Customer Stories

We have solved a broad range of business challenges for our clients. Typical questions our clients asked were:

How can IT department establish a global IT business platform?

  • Worked with program directors to set-up ERP platforms
  • Coordinated central integration requirements, established agile Product Ownership approach
  • Conducted regularly large-scale alignment workshops with teams and top management in several countries
  • Results: better TCO and high potential for service innovation.

How can we get b2b insurance sales up and expand to the French market?

  • Identified with the team all levers contributing to the effectiveness of a trade insurance sales force
  • Measures identified ranged from churn management and cross-selling to sales force management
  • Clarified roles, improved time management, incentive structure and sizing of the sales force
  • Estimated potential impact to bottom line

Should we internationalize our user-generated content platform?

  • Worked partly remote and on a fixed budget over 3 months
  • Conducted an analysis of key markets and best-practice examples
  • Evaluated risks and issues
  • Projected user content generation by users, opex and capex and local monetization potential

What is the potential of branded video for Corporate Publishing?

  • Conducted a 2-day workshop to provide examples and guidelines
  • Held a presentation at an industry event

What are key improvements needed to get cross-selling between TV ad sales and Online to the next level?

  • Conducted a series of in-depth interviews with a large group of client managers across units and functions
  • Recommended enhanced key performance indicators, reviewed the cross-organizational meeting structure and optimized the sales business process across units

Can we operate a child-care service inhouse in order to enhance our attractiveness as an employer?

  • Over 10 weeks we analysed regulation, public subsidies, various pedagogical concepts, the situation on the site as well as cost to be incurred.
  • Finally an in-house solution was excluded and a potential local partner identified.

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