Close to the client

  • In today’s distributed work environment we not only work on-site with client teams but also leverage state-of-the-art communication and project management tools to bridge across organizational units and time zones
  • We have a passion for structuring projects with a strong voice of client teams based on workshops and frequent interaction to come up with valid options for decisions and better visibility on project execution
  • We provide strategic decision making support to management teams, ensure stakeholder alignment and create transparency on project progress and risks

Focus on speed

  • In today’s competitive environment getting results fast is key for our clients. We support piloting and prototyping as a means of achieving planned results quickly
  • Regular review sessions between client management and project teams enable strategic decision-making as well as swift adjustment cycles

High flexibility

  • We adjust our approach to meet our clients’ unique needs. We have provided short-term workshop moderation services or preparation for an important board meeting just as well as multi-year implementation projects.
  • We have experience with companies of different sizes, from mid-size national companies to  global players working with diverse teams in several countries.

Professional standards

  • We respect our clients’ interests and keep sensitive business information confidential during and after projects
  • References are given with client consent only
  • We will avoid or flag potential conflicts of interest

Clear and simple process

  • You’ll receive a written project proposal to align on engagement scope and budget before contracting
  • Starting with a series of moderated workshops is always a low risk option for new clients
  • We like keeping engagement administration as simple as possible and will raise this during negotiation

Small and networked is beautiful

  • To P13i Consulting all engagements are important, not only “big ones”. Smaller initial engagements don’t have to be developed into larger ones.
  • Our professional network allows us to mobilize further consultants or experts to staff larger projects. We may also join projects of other consulting firms on a case-by-case basis.

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